Think relaxed “love everyone” California kid with a mix of “go, go, go -- we’re running out of time” personality. Michael’s joy involves surrounding himself with family and friends – the most important thing in life. He’s dad to the most adorable basset hound you’ve ever seen in your life, Banjo. 


Doing anything else seems incomprehensible. Imagine not only seeing hundreds of people on a given day -- but speaking to them at once in a tight group setting, observing and understanding their unique strengths and weaknesses, while watching how implementing simple movements on a mat --complimented with strenuous --can shape, transform, and support a new, growing community full of positive rippling energy. 


It’s Michael’s fuel. It’s his practice. It’s his yoga. And it didn’t quite start with a vision, rather the satisfying, resulting factor of having stepped outside a box of entrapment from a years-long investment-banking career.  He wanted a place where people could feel comfortable, accepted – and only then begin to move beyond their edge, and tap into their deepest mental and physical strength.


Michael created Yoga Lab Naples at Mercato in 2014. Since then, it has grown into the largest yoga community in SW Florida

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