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All you need is you.


Let's get started! 20 credits allows you to take 20 classes. 30 day expiration, new members only.

There's more space, more luxury. 

Give yourself 15 minutes to meet your new fam.

Bring your mat (or rent one).

Bring your towel (but we have those too).

Forgot your hair tie? We got you.


Yoga Lab is a little different from your average yoga studio.


1. No cellphones in studio. If you sneak it in, make sure it’s silenced and face down, or you run the risk of us going through your camera roll while you’re in savasana. 

2. Yoga Lab fam photos: Take the perfect Insta shot before or after class. We’ll set you up to  look camera ready. Make sure you tag us @yogalabs

3. We show up 100% for you, every class, every day. Be all in with us, always.

4. Take mom’s nagging advice. Put your toys away. Shoes, your giant purse, selfie stick, celery juice… leave it out of the studio. If you’re not comfortable leaving it in the cubbies or your car, leave it at home.

5. Kindness matters. Please and thank you go a long way in this family. The Golden Rule is  always in effect.

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