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Dawn of a new day at Yoga Lab

Rise & Shine! It’s the dawn of a new day at Yoga Lab Monday morning! A note from Michael Schaeffer

The conversation: Open up.

Perhaps I’m bias, but what I believe makes Yoga Lab so special is not what’s inside it but rather who’s inside of it. It’s the people who fill the space, the community. You are what makes it extraordinary.

Yoga Lab is filled with leaders. Not just those with “ERYT” after their last name. Some of the most profound conversations I’ve had at YL are while I sit on the floor procrastinating in returning my damn emails. In fact, the insight for this weeks conversation is inspired by a golden nugget. I just overheard it through the vent as the studio floor is being cleaned.

Moving forward, I’ve decided to lift the veil and pull back the curtain by sharing real words, honest words. Words not just from me. Each week you are going to hear the true thoughts, motivations, and struggles of the teachers and staff of Yoga Lab. In their words. Real, raw, and honest.

You ever stop to think about how you met the people in your life who made an impact? Well, I’m a gamblin’ man and I’m willing to wager it started in the simple moment of a story. Let’s stop treating our relationships as transactions. Let’s begin to put context behind everyone we encountered. Want to change your life? It’s not going to happen in a handstand. Do this: look at a stranger and ask “what do I love about this person” the moment you can answer, that is the moment you breakthrough.

So open up!! You can flip things on a dime by telling your truth. You are one anecdote away from the next big thing, one autobiography away from true love, one story away from changing your life.

Next week and those which follow you will hear the honest story from a brave teacher or staff member of Yoga Lab. In their words, unedited, and raw.

rom the bottom of my heart ❤️

Thank you,

Michael Schaeffer Chief Empowerment Officer/ Servant of Humanity YOGA LABS, INC

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