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The "F" Word

The Conversation: The “F” word

There’s a four letter F word that I use all the time that I just can’t seem to get out of my vocabulary. It comes innocuously flying out of my mouth all the time. I’ve quite likely used it in a conversation with you or you’ve heard me say it in classes at Yoga Lab. I’m throwing down the hammer this week and saying it’s time to pump the brakes and stop using this word. I’ve been using this word so long that I’ve become desensitized to the magnitude of the harm it has the potential to causes me and other people

I believe I owe the community an apology for how much I actually use this word. I’ve come to terms with the reality of how offensive this word really is. The truth be told that this “F” word doesn’t really mean anything. It’s cheap, lazy, and doesn’t really express how I feel. It’s hard to see any type of appeal to this word it all. We all throw this word around like it’s just no big deal, but I’m here to say it is a big deal and we all have to stop using it.

I’m going to memorialize it and type it out one last time so we can all see in black and white the horrendous nature of the word “FINE”.

What were you thinking? Fuck?? Fuck is an awesome word! It’s expressive, it means something, it puts emphasis on a point. It can describe so many things! For example, today you could not give a fuck or conversely today’s fucking awesome. Fuck is incredibly versatile and can be used in all parts of speech. A noun, verb, adjective, the possibilities are endless! Keep using fuck, fuck is cool.

It’s the other four letter word “fine” we all use on a daily basis that is the real problem. Here’s why the word fine sucks. Fine is life’s snooze button. Fine is a prison. Fine puts the brakes on us getting what we want in life and that’s just what this conversation is really about. Getting what we really want.

This is what we’re going to examine this week. What do you really want and how do you get it? Brace yourself, hold onto the rails, I’m going to say something radical from a yoga teacher. This week I want to you be selfish. I know that might not sound particularly “yogic 🙄”, but hear me out. When we step in the studio this week I want you to consider what you really want. We’re gonna create a vision statement around this without worrying about how it sounds to other people. Worrying only if it’s authentic to you.

Here’s the really cool thing about this. You don’t need to go meditate in a cave for 40 years to get it. You don’t need a 500 hour yoga training in order to manifest it. You sure as hell don’t have to master the alignment cues of warrior 2 to see it unfold in your life. It’s right here in front of you when you become willing to awaken from the coma of “fine”. Getting what you want is simple. However, it’s not easy.

Simple, but not easy.

“Sharing your shine”, “letting your heart melt”, “be the best you”, “Unicorns”, “cupcakes”, “sunshine” are adorable sentiments. But they’re just that, sentiments. These are quotes that are easy to read on a refrigerator magnet or bumper sticker, but don’t ever seem to be tied to an action. To make what we want to see appear in our lives requires force. Actionable force. To remove the malaise of “fine” we have to stop tapping the snooze button and take action.

Do you want a better relationship with your spouse? Build a school in Africa? Write a book? Lose 40 pounds? Develop the ability to be kind even when it’s hard? Do you want to ACTUALLY be the best version of you or share your shine? Bring it! Because it’s GO time this week. We will develop the steps to create an action plan to allow what you want most to show up in your life. It’s lifting your hand off the snooze button that will put exactly what you want right into your hands.

Chief Unicorn Wrangler Michael

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