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Start by Believing

The Conversation “start by believing” When you don’t know how to begin, start by believing... Whether this is your first ever yoga practice or your thousandth, there are times when it’s challenging to know where to begin. We often talk about the real work of yoga and how the internal work of this practice helps us uncover and get to know our truest self. Yoga teachers are here to help as guides in this process, but it is up to us to take the steps. The hope is that each time we come to our mats to practice, that we will leave feeling something. Each posture that pushes our physical and emotional boundaries - that asks us to dig a little deeper, is actually asking us to believe in ourselves. Our yoga practice will often ask us to flex our spiritual, emotional and physical muscle to reach beyond our own self limiting expectations. Our own stories can be transformed from just a path, to a purpose driven life by considering what beliefs we keep as our truths. Before I started practicing yoga I know I did not fully believe in myself. I judged my successes and failures by the manifestation of the external results I could see or feel. Day in and day out, I continued to strive for perfection and felt frustration when I couldn't achieve to meet my own expectations. Yoga asks us to consider our preconceived notions and our automatic beliefs about ourselves and to have faith in the results we can not immediately see. After I started practicing yoga I began to see that I was in charge of my own destiny. it became apparent that my deepest most inner thoughts really did create my reality. My thoughts and beliefs had a powerful effect on my daily yoga practice and my thoughts directly affected my life. I then realized that in order to actually accomplish, grow and move forward on my path, I had to start by believing in myself and the truth of my unlimited potential. I needed to understand that my deep seated beliefs about my own self worth were my biggest obstacles in producing the results I desired. Depending on our attitude about ourselves and what we choose to believe to be true for us, we can have it all or have nothing. If we begin our practice with the belief that we can not achieve - whether it’s a new posture or even maintaining our breath during our practice, then we will not. However, the flip side of that is believing that we have the unlimited potential to do and achieve in all ways. We can have whatever it is we want in our yoga practice and in our lives. When we believe, we will always achieve. Believing in you all, -Lory Lory’s schedule this week! Thursday @ 12:45 Yin (Naples). Friday @ 12:45 Yin (Estero) Sign up at

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