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Embrace Your Perfectness

Conversation: Embrace your perfectness “Do you believe in the perfectness of where you are?” -Nahko How often do you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else? Somewhere in the future. With a better life, better house, better career, a better handstand, etc. Im going to get really real here with you. This year I had a plan for my practice. I was going to get a handstand this year and get stronger. I was handed 2 new job opportunities that opened new possibilities in my life. While leaving full time dental hygiene left a big hole in my budget, I was now in an office of significantly less stress that made up for it. And I was also offered a position to teach at Yoga Lab Estero! Then mid April came and 2 pregnancy tests later it was confirmed that our second baby was on the way. While this may have been a piece of my plan this year, I certainly did not expect it to happen in basically the moment we said “second baby”! I went almost the first 5 months dreading this baby and wishing we didn’t decide to do this again. If you can’t tell by now, I am very type A and plan everything. But who am I to determine the plans of life?! I began to realize I was living in this falsity that everything was fine and it was not. I was not living authentically and I was not practicing. Authenticity is the key and yoga and meditation are the path. This is what our yoga practice does for us. It allows us to be present in our body. To let go of the idea that press handstands need to happen in some obscure timeline. Every time you step onto your mat there is an opportunity to tune in and truly believe the place you are in now is the perfect space for you. When you step into this space and create from it, everything begins to align. When things don’t feel perfect, it is because we are creating from a place of fear or lacking while we ignore our joy and love. But the beauty is that even creating in fear is still perfect since its right where you need to be. And maybe by going through these places of fear and uncertainty are what allow us to transcend. It is likely a bigger picture unfolding that we know nothing of yet. As soon as we become aware of the place we are creating from, we have the ability to accept it and continue or change it. Instead of saying “How can I get something to feel better?”, the focus should be “How can I feel better and therefore be an energetic match for attracting more greatness?” This is your call to step into your perfectness. Appreciate the moment you are in. Because everything is always working out for you and is always perfect. -Ashley Howard

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