5th Annual Turkey Burn


This is the best 3 minutes you’ll spend today, we promise. Click play.

YL Community,

You may be standing next to a hero and not even know it. I certainly didn’t.

I met Jessica Berube the day she walked into our Estero studio a few months ago. A bright light with a smile and an inspirational shirt on. It wasn’t the tons of classes or workshops she’s been to over the last few months that connected us but rather it was the algorithm of Instagram. Yes, Instagram.

One sleepless night last week I was scrolling through “the people you may know” section. Instagram somehow mysteriously knows who I know and what I want to buy. There Jessica was, I tapped the follow button and she was magically at the top of the feed with a bunch of pictures of her two adorable kids. Her first three pictures made me laugh hysterically. The fourth, profoundly moved me.

I didn’t know all this time I was standing next to a hero. That underneath the inspirational sleeveless T-shirt was a superwoman suit. On the inside of that suit is a heart so big I can’t express it in my own words. So let’s hear it in her words. I want you to feel what I feel. please click play.

So here's my annual ask. Thanksgiving day I want us to make big bags of hope to give to our homeless friends. I want to follow Jessica‘s lead and give each of us the opportunity to touch the life of someone we don’t know. To connect with someone. We are huge community and have the power to make a massive impact.

Each year we donate 100% of the proceeds of the $20 admission to the Annual Turkey Burn to the Yoga Lab Charitable Fund. Whose priorities are homelessness, socially and economically disadvantaged families, animal welfare, and promoting equality.

This year the admission is a little more. It’s also one (or 100) item from the list below. We know that’s something as simple as a toothbrush not only has the power to change someones day, but perhaps their whole life.

In gratitude,

Michael Schaeffer

The Annual Turkey Burn

9:00am Naples 9:00am Estero

Space is limited. Sign up at https://www.letsexperiment.com/scheduleor in the app

List of needs for the homeless:

1-2 person tents Disposable cell phones Backpacks Socks Underwear (men and women) Sports bras Blankets (non-bulky) Travel toiletries (soap, toothpaste, razors) Feminine products Bath towels Baby wipes Snack food Bottle water Gatorade Gift cards to mcdonalds and Starbucks

Want to learn more about Jessica? Click below


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