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It's An Action

The Conversation This Week: It’s an action.

In the words of Amanda Seide

This work takes work. The true yoga, the relationship between you and you, calls for uncomfortable action. If I told you I hopped out of bed every single day already full of enough self love and self confidence to walk through my day without fear and doubt - I’d be a liar. I would not be able to stand in front of a class and honestly guide you through if I told you it always came easy. There enters the work behind the scenes. An off the mat practice I do every single day is saying “thank you” out loud. I start as soon as I wake up and I do not stop until I am so full of gratitude to simply be alive that fear and doubt has been outweighed. Sometimes it takes 100 “thank you’s” - I don’t do it because I want to, I do it because it’s directly correlated with how my day will go.

A parallel - how often do you show up to your mat for you? I don’t mean physically. I mean the hard stuff, the uncomfortable practice. How often do you allow yourself to be so unapologetically you on the mat? Without giving a single fuck who’s behind you in class, who’s teaching, what that girl in the corner is doing or what he thinks. Do you thank yourself? How willing are you to admit that maybe, just maybe, somewhere in the relationship between you and you - something is lacking. Are you willing to practice the uncomfortable things on and off the mat in order to deepen the relationship with self? It’s okay to admit you’re unhappy, you lack self love, and you’re just going through the motions. It’s okay to admit you rely on the “feel good” physical asanas to get you through because actual inner peace seems too far out of reach. Not only is it okay, it’s the perfect place to begin, or begin again. We are not called to maintain, we are called to practice. It matters most on the days you want to the least. A force of truth within you awaits - see you on the mat.


Want to meet Amanda or love her already (we do)? Here's her schedule!

Naples Monday 11:30 Free Flow Naples Tuesday 7:15 Yinyasa Naples

Estero Monday 9:00am Power Wednesday 10:15 & 11:30 Gentle Friday 9 am Power & 10:15 Gentle

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