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Be uncertain, Live anyway

Conversation: Be uncertain, Live anyway. A note from Karli Sander

To expect to always be able to prove something a hundred percent is unrealistic. Even the smallest shred of doubt is still doubt. It’s totally normal to have doubt because life is uncertain. We live everyday with the possibility that it may be our last but we still get up every morning to live our lives. So often we get caught up in the fear of uncertainty and we allow it to hold us back from what we really want. We play it safe on the mat because we’re not sure if this is the time we’ll fall on our face and get hurt. We play it safe in our lives because we’re not sure if this is the time we’ll make a mistake and get hurt. In both cases, more emotionally than physically. But life shouldn’t be about constantly trying to prove that we’re safe from getting hurt. Life should be about living with uncertainty while we do the things that bring us joy with the people we love. We make the mistake of waiting our whole lives for something that we’ll never get: certainty. And in doing so, we miss out on the only thing that truly matters: today. So this week be uncertain, live anyway. We’re always going to have that fear of making a mistake, fear of getting hurt, fear of losing someone or something. But it’s something that we have to learn to live with in order to really live. About a year ago, I was faced with a huge decision. Either stay in my comfortable part time position of 15 years as a clinical dietitian at NCH, while teaching yoga part time or face the uncertainty and leave NCH to begin my full time journey at Yoga Lab. While I knew I loved teaching yoga, I didn’t know who I was without the hospital. So it took me a few months to find the courage to be uncertain and live anyway. I finally realized that nothing in life is certain and I would be missing out on an amazing opportunity because of fear. It’s amazing what a difference a new perspective can make. Be uncertain, live anyway. Each week I prepare to do this amazing work with you. And so, my question for you is: will you be uncertain with me?

Karli Sander

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