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What is meant for you to keep, will not move

The Conversation: What is meant for you to keep, will not move. A note from Amanda Seide

The month of December calls for cleaning house. Has anyone else felt slightly crowded, overwhelmed, ungrounded or like they simply just cannot catch up with life? Same. Granted the holiday season is expected to be busy, always. But it’s also meant for quality time with your loved ones and contributing to the stream of life. Let me repeat the words quality and contributing. This doesn’t mean saying yes to every single event, holiday party, service commitment, family dinner and outing you are invited/asked to. This means showing up for one thing at a time, being present for your experience and adding your authenticity to your environment.

What takes you out of your physical practice when you’re on the mat? Is it that you have somewhere to be 20 minutes after class ends? So you’re just cramming it into your day in search for an hour of peace and presence that you actually only get 40 minutes of because you’re thinking deadlines, due dates and todos? Or do you find yourself rushing to class with -30 seconds to spare because you’ve fit every single thing that’s humanly possible into your day so far? Does your mind feel like that weird drawer or box in your house that’s full of loose ends, old birthday cards, 14 dried out pens, expired coupons and the take out menu you actually just look up online? THROW IT AWAY. The whole damn thing. Keeping that thing in use is just adding clutter to your mind, I promise.

There are most likely old ideas, false belief systems and patterns in behavior that need to go as well. What kept you from your truest self in 2018? What is still holding you back from being fully present for your experiences? Are we bringing that old drawer of clutter into the next year with us? I think not. Throw it away. The whole damn thing. What is meant for you to keep, will not move.

Let’s create shapes and welcome shifts together,


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