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Dare to Not Compare

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

A note from Lexi Turner

The type of car you have, the clothing you wear, your body type, your yoga practice. This is a short look at the long list of things that we use to compare ourselves with others on a daily basis. Personally, this has been a topic that I have struggled to overcome for years.

I am a proud sister of a collegiate-bound softball player. She has always been a natural athlete and got recruited for a scholarship when she was in eight-grade. And while anybody not struggling with their identity would be completely happy for their sibling, I wrestled with envy and sadness. I felt like a shadow that could never live up to her great status. I wanted the validation, so I worked tirelessly to try to get recruited and was always met with disappointment. The truth is that I was never going to be as great of a player as she was.

I had to realize that I was inflicting this pain upon myself because I was trying so hard to live a journey and life that wasn’t meant for me. It all comes back to "comparison." You'll fail to recognize your own greatness when you are focusing on someone else. I wasted so much attention and time on trying to do something that wasn’t meant for me. I could have invested that in my education, my relationships, my exercise.

So, I am daring you to reflect and note the areas that you compare yourself in. Stop looking at others on their yoga mats. Stop comparing successes. Stop comparing style. Focus instead on how you can enhance your own practice, skills, and relationships. Let’s unlock OUR greatest potential,


Lexi Turner

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