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Believe the hype.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The Conversation: Believe the hype.

I feel blessed to know so many unique individuals with different backgrounds and beliefs. This community Yoga Lab has created is truly something I have never experienced in any type of social setting. I used to be that person when I saw someone I knew in the grocery store I would do whatever it took to avoid interaction, or a superficial conversation. Now a days I’m the freak screaming when I see a girl I went to high school with name across the produce isle.

This past weekend at get together with the graduates of teacher training I interjected myself in to a conversation about finding a new “home church”. The passion and excitement in their voices was more then attention grabbing. There were terms being used that I’ve heard before but never cared to ask anyone what they meant. I found myself interested and wanted to know more about the hype of their conversation. So I simply asked what does non denominational mean? To which I was given the definition. I then found myself listening deeper to the way their voices would change when they said things. Their body language their tones. It was amazing to me that 2 people from 2 completely different background believed in the same thing but there was so many different ideas, opinions, and theory’s behind it. I’ve never been religious, but then again I’ve never been not religious. I went through baptism, and communion and after I turned 15, my mom gave me the choice of continuing to go to church regularly and or to not have to go anymore. Obviously at 15 I had no interest on missing opportunities to sleep over at my friends houses and enjoy my weekends off from school and sports so I stopped going.

As an adult with a much more experimental mind, I find myself curious about things I’ve pre judged, or said I don’t like, with no real reason as to why I haven’t tried or even thought about participating in. I’m learning to believe in other people’s hype. If something excites someone, especially someone I have so many commonalities with, why wouldn’t I give it another try? Opening my mind to others beliefs or opinions doesn’t mean I make them my own. The willingness within myself that I have achieved is the magic, the hype that pushes me forward in to deeper connection with not only myself, but others. So try on something new, believe in someone else’s hype. The best part is, if you don’t feel it, now you know. But what’s the best thing that could happen if you give it a try? You could feel someone else’s hype.

With all the feels ♥️

Christine Salmons

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