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Create the life you want to show up for.

I worked decades striving for what I thought was a comfortable, secure life, equating this with future happiness. I spent my life investing my time and energy, aspiring for the next _______ (title, promotion, better home, car...) all the time thinking, “and then I will be happy”, but really I was just left exhausted and empty inside. All the vacations, yoga pants, etc. I could afford are not going to make up for a life I dreaded every Monday. Yoga teacher training was a start of investing in “me”, giving myself the space to reflect on what it is about my career that I enjoy and what is the message I want my life to convey. My career is in Advertising and Graphic Design. Communicating a brand's story is different than living in the message, and I want to help people and make a difference in their lives. I left my corporate/secure life to work for an agency focusing on nonprofits. Last weekend I was humbled to be on a team that directly contributed to a successful event that raised $750,000 from a sold out crowd of 500, funds needed for programs to fill a void for local individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities who have aged out of the school system. Knowing it is possible to use my talent to create a broader positive impact than staying in my "comfort" zone is worth my risk. Money cannot buy the gratitude I feel for taking this risk. The reward of a happy heart when my inside life matches my outside life is a life I want to show up for and how I want to show up in the world. God willing, I will have more Mondays, more courage to be present for opportunities, and more rewards than I thought possible. What is possible when you follow a dream or even a tug on your heart calling you to create something more in your life or in the life of others?


Mattie Ziska Yoga Lab Teacher Trainee

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