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Feelings vs Facts

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Today I woke up happier then I have been since I can remember. Since committing to the teacher training program at Yoga Lab, my individual search for a better all around outlook of the world has grown more then I could have ever imagined. Today during a power class in Estero, Amanda asked “what has brought you here” in reference to the conversation topic she created “a way of life”. I realized in that moment fear had brought me to that exact space where I sat on my mat. Fear has always lived inside me. As a child I was a worrier. Always needed company or security. I sucked my thumb until I was 10 years old as a result of fear. It made me comfortable, yet I would only do it at home where only my parents and sister could see me. The fact is it’s always been made up garbage just taking up valuable space in my head and heart. Learning to separate the story from the fact is way easier said then done as I’m sure everyone has experienced. I’m not going to act like as I’m sitting here writing this I’m not completely terrified to share it. That I’m not saying to myself “This is silly. No one is going to understand what you’re saying. No one can relate to this” because I am. But the fact is that’s all bullshit. Everyone has experienced fear. And everyone has created a story in their head to justify it. Being aware is where the real work is. Have you ever called someone and they didn’t answer, just to instantly create a story as to why they didn’t answer? Or text back? I have. We all have. The fact is THEY JUST DIDN’T ANSWER. Someone once told me feelings aren’t always facts which is 100% correct for me in a sense of my feeling within the story I’ve created are usually false. No fact to them. Just my mind running wild trying to create a reason or a why. THE WHY IS THE LIE! Don’t let feelings made up of wonder and worry or fear reside in your precious head space. There is so much more to know when you have open space to store good shit not bullshit. Being mindful to the truth not the emotion you are feeling in the moment is so freeing. So I challenge you. To throw away the garbage, the fear the lie the story, bring it to the surface and dig it out.

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