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Finding a home.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Today I verified my default constraint. “ I don’t belong” yup, I tattooed it on my arm and put a line right threw the center of don’t. BECAUSE I DO! I belong. These 3 words have stolen so much (unknowingly) from me in my 30 years on this earth.

Now, who’s to blame? The answer is no one. I can’t make myself wrong for feeling this way. But what I can do is take this awakening, this awareness and possibly help pull someone out of this place that I know all to well. It’s taken a lot of work from not only me but the people I surround myself with. Starting with my husband. My best friends Jenna Ashley Stephanie and Catherine. On to my teachers, my piers and so on and so on. But where I truly feel this BLISS, yes I said it BLISS 🗣, (something by definition I never thought I would feel in my life time) is in that room. In my home. Standing in my power, knowing my feet have landed exactly where they are supposed to be. With gracious loving support from each and every person who walks through those doors. From literally the first face I see in Naples Ric, welcoming me with a hug and kiss each morning I show up to teach, and Anita with her firm loving hugs in Estero. To the encouraging words I hear from Diane and Susie while we mop up after my class, to the group me messages and the chalk on the bathroom walls. This place, this space, fills me up. It gives me my bliss. It reinforces my sense of belonging. If you have ever felt you don’t belong, I invite you to come home. Because this is my home. More then me literally laying on the couch in the boutique, and leaving my water bottle mat and flip flops anywhere and everywhere. It’s that same feeling you get, at home, where you are loved and accepted for exactly you in whatever conpaciety you show up in. What’s holding you back? What’s stoping you from expanding your connection. Mine was the sense of not belonging, until I found my home.

Christine Salmons ❤️

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