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Give them everything you've got, and then a little bit more.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The Conversation: “Give them everything you’ve got, and then a little bit more.”

That’s what I say to myself moments before I step into the studio to teach. This last week it rang truer and tested me more than ever before. I asked my students at 5:30pm if there thought they were a bad ass? A bad ass yogi? …and then I asked them all to raise their hands.

Because in that moment right here, they are BAD ASS. Why you ask? Because they showed up. They showed up to give whatever it was that they had to practice for 60 minutes. Last week I was sick. I was not nearly at 100% and that’s ok. I can’t honestly say that I show up each day at 100% in any area of my life (definitely need to do some work on that, but that’s another discussion for another time). Somedays I’m peaking at 98% and some days is 60% (pick a number), this last Friday, I was on day three of a shitty head cold that had knocked me on my ass, and when I showed up to teach I was honestly at 70% of full capacity. But what changes, what shifts from me being mediocre to Bad Ass, is that I give 110% of whatever I’ve got.

That’s what I asked my students to do: “Whatever capacity you showed up in today, give it 110%.” I don’t always show up feeling 100%, life happens. Somedays I’m in a funk, tired, emotional, hungry, the list goes on and on. But I know if I give you my all (and little bit more) I will be content with the effort I give. Show up in whatever capacity you are and give 110% of whatever that is. Give it 110% of whatever capacity you are in that specific moment in time in your life: your job(s), relationships, using your blinker, in yoga…in motherfucking CHILD’S POSE.

Can you imagine how amazing Child’s pose could be if you gave it everything you’ve got and more of what you're capable in that moment in time? It took me 37 years to finally get it, “You are truly worthy of your greatest effort.” For all the students who trust me to lead you for 60 minutes, you are truly worthy of my greatest effort. And you are truly worthy of your own. Period. Continue to be BAD ASS, you are worth it!


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