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I see you.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

I see you. Seemingly cheesy yoga truism? Perhaps there’s more. I think, or at least hope, there’s more. But what if it’s not complicated?

I had this 19 seconds of video cut today and I would wager if it’s seen without this accompanying messaging, an overly complicated seeing could ensue regarding why this video of basically just my hands, feet, and face exists. CERTAINLY I must have had this created to serve my vanity and ego.

There are no context clues in the video. I’m not performing adjustments on stoic yoga practitioners, there isn’t a big room of people doing yoga. Hell, I’m not even wearing yoga clothes. It’s just tight shots of me (#egomaniac). It leaves one wondering what the hell this has to do with yoga at all. The simple answer? Everything.

I believe it’s an innate human need to be seen and heard, just as it is to drink when you are thirsty. So no postures, no packed room, no me being a yoga “guru”. There’s no story woven into the moving pictures to influence your decision to click the buy now button. Why? Because you don’t need to buy anything.

It’s just me. I despise direct shots of my face, also that half-smile. Almost always I order their immediately destruction. However, and in great discomfort, the camera is 11 inches from my face... so you can see me. Because I see you. I truly see you and I very much hear you. I always will. In this simplicity, I hope that one of the many endless gifts of this work unveils itself to you. Perhaps freedom.

Comfortably uncomfortable,


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