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Imbalance to balance

I’m more tired than I’ve ever been in my life. Endless preparation, twelve straight weekends, over 400 hours of 2 simultaneous yoga teacher trainings ended last night and it all begins again in 3 weeks. For anyone who has ever been in Training this may seem like an act of insanity. I may be physically exhausted however, I’ve never been more alive.

It’s a dichotomy. Physically I feel like I’ve got one foot on the banana peel the other in the grave. Emotionally and intellectually I’m reborn, operating on all cylinders. How is this possible? How is there this abundance of personal internal energetic growth of spirt and mind?

I’m rethinking the old adage “knowledge is power”. Perhaps Knowledge is simply the potential power and it’s in execution or action where personal empowerment and growth lie. I’m seeing that it’s in the spaces where I take great actions that yield the enormous results.

If you’ve been to a yoga class you’ve heard the phrase “lean into your edge”. There’s more to that phrase though. “Lean into your edge to unleash the everything that’s possible”. This simplicity and sublime beauty of the wisdom of yoga never ceases to astound me. That’s just it, in this extreme act of leaning into the stabbing knife edge of over 400 hours of training unleashed and unveiled my true passion and purpose.

The momentary imbalance has brought so many aspects of my life into a full rebalance. The purposeful lean into the knife edge has aligned me with my meaning. As for my physical body, there’s nothing a few hours in a hammock and a good book won’t fix. So I put it to you, what’s the sharp edge you’re avoiding, what seem insurmountable, what appears to you as the wrong timing? Perhaps a moment of imbalance is exactly what will bring you to balance.

Tired but inspired,


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