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It's okay to get lost

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Have you ever really found yourself?

Do you think it’s possible to *stay* found?

Recently, I spoke with one of my oldest, dearest friends who said she found herself at 27. This threw me.

Sure, I’ve found myself before. And I definitely feel like I know myself now.

But I also feel like I am continually losing myself.

After all, how can you find yourself and stay found if you’re always growing? As we grow into even better versions of ourselves, we reveal new layers of self we didn’t know existed. And again we are lost, on the journey to being found.

Every day is different. One day I’m 100% me. Life is beautiful and sweet. Then the next day, I’m asking the questions: What does this all mean? What’s this life for? What’s my place in all of it?

All the deep shit.

At times like those, it’s easy to feel lost, alone and confused. As human beings, we hate this feeling. We want to know everything, and we want to feel good all the time.

But I think there’s much to learn from the times we feel this way. We are given an opportunity to turn inward and look at life from a lens of deep introspection. Sometimes in those dark days, the ones that make you feel weak, you emerge feeling stronger than ever before.

So what I’m saying is it’s okay. It’s okay to get lost. It’s okay to ask the questions. And it’s okay not to know the answers.

But I encourage you to seek them out. Find something that feeds the fire of your soul, something to burn for. Something that makes everything make sense.

For me, that’s Yoga. This practice has saved my life time and time again, and it continues to save my life to this day.

When nothing else makes sense or when my mood is just blah, I seek solace on my mat. And there, pretty much every time, I find a new layer of self.

Lost and found all over again.

In a perfect ending, I would tell you I’ve been able to stay found.

But this isn't a perfect ending. This is a journey. And I’m going to take it one breath at a time.

Remember that you can too.

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