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Show Up As You Are

With Christmas and New Year holidays around the corner, I am reminded of the importance of family and friends...and also the stress that comes with buying gifts, dealing with chaotic store lines, etc. Yes, it’s fun to buy gifts for our family, friends, our kids, but the holiday season is about so much more than materialistic THINGS that we think we or others “need.”

My gift to my family this year is a trip home to St. Louis. To spend quality time creating memories that will outlast the latest gadget or “thing.” In return, my gift from my family is their presence. One of the most valuable things you can give to another is your time.

Join me this holiday season in giving yourself with love to those you hold dear. Don’t rack up the credit cards and fall into debt buying superficial things in fear of not pleasing others. Don’t worry about showing up empty handed. You’re GOOD ENOUGH alone. The greatest gifts are time, hugs, conversations, smiles, laughter, and service....Lend a helping hand in the kitchen to your parents, your friends, your family, or a homeless shelter. Helping hands and hearts have the power to fill up a room with love and joy.

If you have the money to spend, I encourage you to give to those in need. Those less fortunate than ourselves who don’t have the basic needs that we often take for granted.

Show up on Christmas Day just as you are. Full of the light and the love that resides in each and every one of us!

With love, Sarah

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