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Simply Great

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

I wake up every morning believing that great things will happen today. Not necessarily to me or for me…but around me. I believe this because it’s real. The sunrise, my cat who sits with me as I sip my morning coffee, the volunteers all around the world who show up each day at hospitals, animal shelters, and food banks are just a few examples. Simple things that are acts of love, kindness and compassion. They can be easily overlooked and/or taken for granted, but I find that when I start my day and pause to recognize some of these great things, my mood, outlook and approach towards others improves.

I also find that beginning each day focusing on the “positive energy” that surrounds me, I am motivated to make a contribution. I want to become part of that energy. My contribution may be as simple as a hug, a smile or a kind word. It may be picking up trash from the beach on my morning walk. There are many simple ways to contribute.

Here is how this conversation connects to yoga for me. When it comes to simple acts of greatness there is no “right” or “wrong”. It doesn’t matter what those acts of greatness look like…..what matters is how those acts make you (and others) feel. Starting your day focused on the positive energy that surrounds us all is just simply great! I ask you to consider pausing for a few short minutes when you first wake up and focus on the positive.

Wishing You Peace,

Jim O’Keefe

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