Taking Yoga Back... wards

Hashtags are cute aren’t they? I use them everyday! #bassetlifeaniteasy #letsexperiment #scoutlife I think these are adorbs. I’ve got a whole slew!

What’s the best part about hashtags? They make it so easy to be passive aggressive! Yay! You could write a manifesto on personal growth and inner harmony and POOF you can wipe it all a way with a pound sign (that’s the hashtag for us old folks) and some smashed together words.

Take for example this one I’ve seen: #takingyogaback. First question is where the hell are you gonna take it? Back to it’s roots? Welp there’s irony here ladies, because for millennia Yoga was a boys club #hardtruths. While the exact date of the foundation of yoga is arguable, carbon dating can show yoga texts existing for the last 5000 years. While women were never strictly prohibited from yoga, women who practiced were invisible and sexually objectified #gross. It took until 1937 for a woman to break through and be seen. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to turn the clock backwards on #equality. Frankly, if it wasn’t for the women of yoga I’d be #bankrupt. #sackup gentlemen, yoga is for you too.

Ponder for a moment the absurdity of #takingyogaback. Isn’t this the very definition of hoarding (I’ll spare you a lesson on the Yamas)? I consider the yoga sutras the authority on yoga. You may have heard of 5 Yamas (yoga’s ethical code) but the lesser spoken about are the 5 Kleshas, or the 5 poisons or afflictions. The second Klesha is asmita, the sense of egoism or “I-am-ness.”

When you “take something back,” you imply it belongs to you. That ownership of something that belongs to all of us would be egoism at it’s finest. I can keep poking holes in this but I think egoism and hoarding are enough to show that #takingyogaback is actually #takingyogabackwards or rather just plain ol’ #noyoga

Ok, Why does this matter to you?

Want to improve your life and you relationship with humanity? It’s time to start speaking straight. You have a problem with someone? Pick up the phone and call them. You have misunderstandings or unresolved conflict? How about actually communicating? This week’s ask is to step away from talking behind others backs, away from the social media pulpit, and communicate—in the right forum. Reject the cowardly method of typing on your phone and pressing “post.” It’s time to speak straight. It’s in this, from my experience, you see suffering and conflict dissolve.

I have no interest in #takingyogaback. It’s not mine to take. However, I sure as hell won’t stand by while we #takeyogabackwards


Michael #comeatmebro #withcompassion