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The Transitions

You’ve probably heard the saying, “the transitions are just as important as the pose.” Take this off the mat, to the spaces between events.

Recently, I went to a wedding out of town. Weddings are beautiful and exciting, but can be very nerve wracking. For the bride and groom, for the parents, but also for the people who had to travel and aren't familiar with the area. Leading up to the our destination—the flight, waiting for the luggage, getting the rental car. During these times I would catch myself getting anxious, wanting to just be at the wedding already! But I would take a deep breath in, reconnect with the present, and feel calm again. Then we‘re off again, from the hotel to the restaurant, to the church, to the reception! I noticed how the in between moments, the transitions, were sometimes pleasant, sometimes frustrating.

The next time you find yourself getting worked up in traffic (when in reality it’s just another transition)...speeding to get to your next destination so much that you risk getting a ticket, or worse, getting in a car accident...begin with the breath. You’re in charge of your transitions, and you are worthy of smooth transitions!

That is the beauty of yoga. It gives you tools, sends you on your way with no judgement, and it's a daily practice—on and off the mat. How we handle ourselves in the transitions, the in between moments, is just as important as the destination.

Suzie Fernandez

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