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Try Something New

Vulnerable, scared, not good enough, failure, embarrassed. These are some of the words that creep through my mind. I knew in my heart that I needed a change, that I needed something to give me purpose.

While I have perfected the art of keeping house, my mom role is shifting. It’s no longer about spending hours watching movies with my girls and scheduling their naps. While they’re moving into new chapters of growth and change, I realized it was time for me to grow and change as well. Fast forward to teacher training. I could write a book on this experience, how I said yes then no to this 1000 times. I finally said, “Fuck it! If not now, when?!” Was it scary? Yes. Was I vulnerable? Yes. Did I grow? Hell yes. It was everything I needed to stop telling myself the bullshit lie that I’m just a mom.

Growth is scary. Change is scary. But I would rather experience those emotions than not try at all. Your age doesn’t matter, what you look like doesn’t matter, what your bank account looks like doesn’t matter. We can all try something new.


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