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Unapologetically Us

If you could turn back the clock and be 19 again with no wrinkles, cellulite or care in the world would you? Most of us get botox, alter our appearance somehow, tried some weird juice cleanse or fast, wear the latest trends and have the latest technology. Who doesn’t know someone who’s vegan or on the Keto diet? We’re all so busy that no one has time for long vacations so now weekend getaways are wildly popular.

Did you know flip phones are making a comeback? Remember those? Yes, it will have smart phone technology, but you’ll never shatter the glass again and it’ll be half the size. It’s not about nostalgia, it’s about practicality.

Nostalgia is a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past. Yoga’s an ancient practice and established before humans could write in modern language. The Yoga Sutras is considered one of the oldest texts in existence. Yoga has been helping those who practice it find physical strength and inner peace.

Practicality involves the actual doing or experience of something rather than theories or ideas. Everyone has there own take of how yoga should be practiced. Some believe yoga should only be practiced in a quiet space using traditional methods and with proper alignment. If that’s your thing, cool. We’re different and not for everyone. Anchored in the past with a practical twist. Don’t know a mantra from a mudra? You don’t have to. We simply don’t care if you can’t get into a posture in “proper alignment” because it’s not what’s most important. What is important is you, showing up on your mat, just the way you are.

~ Anita

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