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Who Do You Show Up For?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The Conversation: Who Do You Show Up For?

I’ve been working around 60hrs a week. I’m partnered in a small repair shop. On a daily basis, I’m helping people get their devices fixed, so most of the time I get a lot of gratitude in return. I really enjoy doing my best to help others. In addition to those 60hrs working in my store, I teach yoga at 6:30am, and I’m not a morning person!! But that’s exactly why I took the challenge. But there’s also something else that makes those classes a little extra special. It doesn’t matter how I feel (overwhelmed, tired or exhausted) I always want to show up for them ~ 6:30am yogi’s.

Today right in the middle of the class I realized how big of an effort it takes to drag your ass to your mat that early. And they keep showing up, but why? My ego kicked in, is it me? Nahhh. Right away I thought the average person that comes at this time, comes alone and they don’t need friends to be there neither. “They show up for themselves”

So that made me open my eyes and realize I’ve been showing up more for others than myself. So I made a commitment at the end, to be in at least two 6:30 am classes next week.

I invite you to change the focus in any other aspect of your life, that you feel you could show up for you.

Carlos Diaz

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