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Why do you practice yoga?
Yoga simply brings me joy and peace of mind. When my thoughts are going a mile a minute and my physical body becomes anxious and exhausted, practicing yoga grounds me and brings me back to the present moment....”the hear and the now.” Thoughts of worry and fear seem to disappear without noticing. I feel the most spiritually alive and a deep connection with my inner soul when practicing yoga. Yoga allows me to connect and be content with myself and what I already I feel purpose and meaning where I once felt a void.

What’s the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
Traveled an entire day, 24 hours, (twice) to visit and live “down under,” in Sydney Australia.

What is your home town?
St. Louis Missouri

Who/what inspires you?

Settings realistic goals for myself, such as teacher training here at Yoga Lab and accomplishing them inspires me to reach deep inside myself for more. To do more, be more, and love more, for myself and others. I am reminded that anything in life is possible. Watching others transcend and face theirs fears also inspires me to do the same. To give love and receive love, inspires me.


What would no one guess about you?

I am one of six siblings. The fifth, youngest girl, and closest in age to my only brother. I have a degree in criminology and psychology. I am a nanny. I chose a career in childcare because children also bring simplicity and joy into my life. While I teach children new things everyday, in a busy chaotic world, they teach me yet again and again how to be “present in the moment,” in my day to day life.


What can you not live without?

Spirituality, exercise, yoga, coffee and sweets!

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