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This week at Yoga Lab

This week at Yoga Lab

The last few weeks I’m finding the same underlying pattern in conversations I’m having with people. Ending of friendships, relationships, jobs, living situations. There seems to be a ton of “loss” mentality in the personal lives of those I’m talking to. **don’t stop reading, I promise this won’t turn into a “yoga teacher quoting a self help book” rant** As our greater world begins to return to “normal” the “new normal” that most had adapted to is quickly becoming the “old normal” and the “original normal” is quickly making a comeback, much like like mom jeans and scrunchies. Like any comeback, upheaval is inevitable and some crap has to go. Like a broken record, I find myself repeating the same phrase over and over again: “People and circumstances enter our lives for indeterminate periods of time. Being grateful for the time had and spent stops the bleeding of time that’s otherwise consumed by loss or fear.” Relationships end, friendships end, jobs end, and people pass away. Listen, these are the harsh realities of the Hunger Games that are our individual lives. I think that many of us (myself included) get screwed by not realizing that time marches on and that your time, my time, is not guaranteed or insured. It’s in extremely limited supply, thereby making it the most valuable asset we all have. Whatever your personal circumstances are, you are not a unique, special flower (which may suck to hear). Every person in the world has experienced what you have. Time has ended in some way, in some circumstance, for everyone on the planet, creating the sense of loss. So you may not be a special, unique flower but you do have the ability to live a potent life. It exists when one seizes control of their most valuable asset. Time. Take a simple reframe and compartmentalization of how you live. Be grateful for the time you had in that friendship, relationship, job... etc. I always ask that we do this work together. I’m going to examine where I’m paralyzed, where I’m not making making progress, simply because I’m dwelling in what was. If time is the most valuable asset, what an incredible waste of time it is to wallow. This week, let’s examine the ledger of life and figure out where we are hemorrhaging time. Wanna stop the bleeding? Reread the 4th paragraph.
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